10X Your Life Through a Martial Art Camp!

If you are contemplating a big move and looking for something to help you get into action, a martial art camp just might be your ticket to freedom. Here’s some of what we will review:

  • Why would a martial art camp help you to get your life back on track?
  • Are there camps that really have mental training too?
  • What if I want traditional martial arts and keep my shirt on?

Hello and welcome to MartialArtCamp.com, a focused site helping anyone find the perfect martial arts camp anywhere in the world. By martial artists for martial artists (and anyone looking to be a martial artist). Okay, so not everyone is interested in purely martial art skills and kicking a bag can get pretty boring on day two. So how can you improve your life now by taking the challenge to join a martial art camp abroad?

Get in shape healthy routines

This is one of the largest motivators for people to embark on a martial arts travel vacation. Most camps that teach you martial arts, also have a program for diet and fitness. The reason this helps you get into shape is because you will be on a routine making it easier to stay focused. At home, it’s easy to get lazy and off a schedule. When you are on a program designed to focus on your fitness and health, you are more likely to succeed and get into a routine.

Martial Arts Muscle confusion brings clarity to Fitness

The martial arts can provide a unique set of exercises that promote muscle confusion. This is necessary for the body to develop and grow. Doing the same exercises over and over has proven to be less effective as changing things up. Since the martial arts contains so many unique moves, it will be helpful for you to get out of the gym and take some time to shake things up a bit. People that are used to fitness will also find the different types of workouts very beneficial to waking up their body.

Travel to Martial Art Camps Globally

This is one of the major reasons that people like to sign up for a martial art camp. The excuse to travel is one that inspires most of us to take action. Martial art camps are held all over the world in some unique locations. Places that you should see and adventure in regardless.

Maybe you want to spend some time on a tropical island in Thailand and train in Muay Thai. How about a month near Yosemite National Park learning to be a Ninja? Perhaps you would like to experience Kali stick fighting in its home country of the Philippines or learn to dance like Jackie Chan in Brazil. Wherever you want to go, there is a martial art camp available to help you fulfill your travel dreams.

Adventure with a Martial Art Camp

Adventure is taking on a voyage that is new. It’s exploring a territory that isn’t in your backyard. For many of the Instructors that decided to offer a live-in martial art camp, it was the adventure that led them to these new and exciting locations in the first place. Many were just taking an adventure that they dreamed about and decided to stay and help others to get the same or similar experience and use the martial arts as a way to make that dream a reality. Not every martial art adventure is the same. Some programs are near castles while others are near coconut trees. Maybe you want to be near the beach or close to the giant sequoia trees. The choice is yours.

Get a Break

You don’t need to break a candy bar to escape, what you need is a minimum of 2 weeks away from normal life.  Sometimes you just need space to breath. Other times you need a good distraction to help you find yourself again. Getting away can really help you to clear your head. Joining a martial art camp abroad will help you to stay focused on something positive while also getting the mental benefits that are attached to the martial arts. You can also choose the type of break you need. Perhaps you need to kick and punch a bag. Maybe you want to do High-Intensity Interval Training or to move like a Ninja. Perhaps you need a martial art Instructor that is also a life coach for that Confucius-like experience. Variety is what is offered when it comes to escaping to a martial art camp.

Meet New People

If you haven’t seen the movie, Into the Wild, then go watch it and come back to read the rest of this article. Okay, just pretend you’ve seen it and grasp the concept anyway. In the movie there is an ending quote:

“Happiness is only real, when shared.”
― Christopher McCandless

We don’t think he meant Facebook.

Not only will being with other people keep you alive, it’s just a lot more fun. When you travel to a martial art camp in another country, you are not just meeting people that live in your hometown. You are meeting people from all over the world that are also traveling to experience something new. One of the challenges of trying to get people together in your hometown is how busy everyone is. Trying to schedule an adventure is a challenge in itself. When you are at a martial art camp, everyone else there is on the same path. You don’t need to work hard getting people together for an adventure because most people are there for an adventure.

Learn a New Skill

Many just don’t want to go far away just to sit on a beach collecting the sun rays. Active minds and bodies get bored with sitting vacations. Active adventure minded people want to be productive and learn something new while escaping their daily routine. Learning a martial art while on vacation is a great way for you to do this. Some people fall in love with learning the martial arts that they too want to learn how to teach martial arts for a living. Some Instructors and camps focus on teaching people how to be martial art instructors too.

Experience a New Culture

One of the benefits of leaving home and living in another country is to immerse yourself in a new location and way of life. For many, they can learn a new language, others want to experience the different lifestyles and some want to color their palette with new foods. This can be a great way to feel alive and see the abundance of variety there is in the world. This is especially true if you are feeling that life is a bit mundane or you are getting bored of the similarities in everyday life. Getting out and about will help you to appreciate more of what you have while learning about things that you might want to experience or add to your own life.

More than just the martial arts

A true martial arts Instructor has more than punches and kicks to share with you.  If you are willing to show up with an empty cup, you can find an Instructor that can teach you from their own life experience. Many Instructors have unique backgrounds and can provide a plethora of enlightening stories or strategies you can apply to your own life. But don’t assume your martial arts instructor knows more than how to punch a bag. Be sure to start a dialogue asking about some of the things you might want to improve in your own life.  A fortune can arrive in many ways, so be open-minded in your approach.

Vacation Your Way

Face it, some of us just want to have fun and get some time for ourselves. To vacate the premises. Simply put it is an escape but one that is rich with an experience that we want. Maybe after training you want to lay on the beach and read a book. Maybe you just want to sit in the woods and stare at the trees for as long as you want to. It’s your vacation and you can plan your time around it any way you want. Run out of ideas, no worries because there are plenty of people at each martial art camp that are also on vacation.

Get Out!

It’s something you just need to do and you know deep down inside there is this calling to just get out. Nike says, Just Do It! But we say, Just Get Out! So much can happen when you make a move. Some of the greatest success stories come from people who just decided to get out and learn from the experience. The longer you can get out the better. Tim Ferriss author of the 4-Hour Workweek talks about how everyone should get a 6-month mini-retirement whenever possible. Tim also spent time in many of the locations that we have our camps.  The mindset of a martial artist is similar to the mindset of a lifestyle designer.

Whether you want a good life hack or to take your job to the road and be a mobile entrepreneur, we can help. Just tell us about your goals or what you are going through and we can provide some suggestions.

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