Level 1-5 Instructor Training and Certification


This comprehensive program offers in-depth training for Levels 1 to 5 Certification, positioning you as a core student under the guidance of Master Instructor Rick Tew.

With a strong emphasis on the RTMS system and following the traditional ranking structure, this intensive experience is tailor-made for students seeking to immerse themselves fully in the martial arts journey.

Throughout the training, each level is given dedicated focus over a two-month period, ensuring a thorough understanding and proficiency in the techniques and principles unique to Rick Tew’s Martial Science.

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It is vital to recognize that this program is exclusively designed for dedicated and serious students who crave the authentic old-school coaching and training approach. This is not a recreational retreat; rather, it is a transformative journey that demands commitment and dedication.

As a participant in this esteemed program, you will receive individualized attention and coaching from Master Instructor Rick Tew himself. This personalized approach allows for a deeper connection and a greater understanding of the principles underlying each level of the RTMS system.

In addition to the rigorous training, students have the exclusive opportunity to become Mr. Tew’s assistants during training sessions. This invaluable role not only enriches your learning experience but also accelerates your progression towards Instructor status, providing you with real-world teaching experience that sets you apart as a highly skilled and capable martial artist.

Our ultimate goal is not merely to have you achieve Levels 1 to 5 Certification but to ensure that you accrue numerous teaching hours. By imparting your knowledge and skills to others, you will gain invaluable insights and refine your own understanding of the art, making you well-prepared to teach and share your expertise when you return home.

For those who reach Level 5, an exciting continuation program awaits in Thailand, providing an opportunity to further hone your abilities and immerse yourself in the authentic martial arts culture of this unique and inspiring location.

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