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Get coaching and guidance from Master Instructor Rick Tew via our Home Study Program.

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When enrolling in this program, you gain exclusive access to direct communication with a qualified martial arts instructor, ensuring a personalized and interactive learning experience. Unlike conventional video instructional programs, this is a student review and support program that fosters dynamic engagement and progress.

As a participant, you will have the opportunity to send us updates, videos, and chat messages, which will be attentively responded to and reviewed by our expert instructors, tailored to the specific type of program you are enrolled in.

The enrollment process is straightforward and allows you to select your preferred level of commitment along with the type of guidance you desire throughout your journey. We offer five distinct levels to register for, each representing a unique stage of advancement, and we provide five tiers of support, allowing you to customize your learning experience according to your preferences and aspirations.

For those opting for the HSP NORMAL tier, you will receive text-based replies and reviews for your submitted content, providing valuable insights and direction.

The HSP PRO tier offers an elevated level of support, featuring video replies and comprehensive reviews of your content. This dynamic approach enhances your learning experience and facilitates a deeper understanding of the techniques and principles covered.

For the ultimate level of engagement and support, the HSP GOLD tier offers all the benefits of the previous tiers and extends a remarkable opportunity to participate in a free live program at one of our esteemed camps, with up to $2,000 in credit applied.

Embrace this exceptional online version of the Levels 1-5 certification program, where expert guidance and personalized support converge, empowering you to progress confidently on your martial arts journey. Elevate your skills and knowledge, interact with seasoned instructors, and unlock new horizons as you embark on this transformative learning experience.

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