Group Private Live-in Training Samui Thailand


Private group Ninjitsu focused martial arts training at the VIP center with Master Instructor Rick Tew.

Although we are selling private group training, we do offer shared stay to some students that agree to our rules and we have a very limited supply of private rooms for those that want to upgrade.

This program includes training at the Martial Arts Mansion or Ninja Inn – essentially it is a private house and compound with 8 foot walls surrounding the center and offers a kind of hostel type environment with a focus on private. This location and program is more costly for the private group location and atmosphere.

We also offer a BASE program at a much higher discount if you are only looking for training and will be able to manage your own housing.

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Students often join the VIP location without a room so that they can participate in the group environment and enjoy some of the house amenities. Here are a few of the benefits that the VIP location offers:

* Sala area for eating, chatting or just relaxing
* Small salt water pool to cool off, do some therapy or just relax
* Wi-fi Internet throughout the house and the grounds (even the Sala)
* Co-working spaces and lounge areas throughout the house
* Training mats and fitness gear for personal focus and open mat periods
* Air conditioning equipped private rooms (upgrade only) and private bath

The private rooms are equipped with AC and a private bathroom.  These rooms are okay to share with other students only but no outside guests are allowed on our property.

All students and guests must agree to our rules and regulations for the property as well as sign a training waiver.

Note that not all of the house is open to guests and some areas are closed off. Also, all guests must follow some guest rules and community guidelines in order to stay. A few are listed below:

* Students only and not a party house
* No smoking in or near our facilities
* No loud music or sounds that may disturb other guests
* You must train in order to stay here, we are not a hotel
* No outside guests, friends, or family are allowed onto the property with you
* No outside vehicles unless arranged in advance through our upgrades
* We do not provide storage or secure areas for any of our guests
* Private rooms need to be open in the day for maids to clean

Please note that most of the issues we can work out together with the ultimate goal that everyone achieves their goals while staying here in a safe and convenient manner.  Most of the rules are set so that all of our guest can enjoy the highest level of comfort too.

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1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month


Shared space or find my own, 1 week private room, 2 weeks private room, 3 weeks private room, 1 month private room


No upgrades, Moped, 2X Meals PD, Airport transfer, 2X Private lessons, 2X Winjitsu Coaching Sessions