Martial Arts Instructor Training and Mentorship


For those looking for a long-term martial arts adventure lifestyle while learning the skills of an Instructor in the Martial Art or Fitness arena.

Rick Tew teaches people how to become instructors, leaders, and coaches in an area of expertise that they love so that they can create a life around their own needs and desires. This program is for anyone that wants a drastic change in their mental or physical skills.

Whether you want to be an instructor of the Martial Arts, get into better shape, get out of the daily grind, or take on a new travel adventure, join our program now to get a life changing experience at a price you can afford.

Take a vocational vacation and learn how to teach Martial Arts classes while improving your fitness and getting some adventure.  We have VERY limited space, so act now and get the best deal.



For Martial Arts Students looking to Teach Martial Arts or follow the Levels training program to achieve management, leadership or instructional skills and Certification.

You do not have to teach martial arts or want a Ninja MMA Job to participate.  Therefore, this program is for people looking for a new martial arts lifestyle. It is also great as an adventure through training long-term in a real martial arts system. Rick Tew’s Ninja MMA (Martial Science), is great for those that want a break from their typical life. It is also perfect for those that want to learn the skill of being an Instructor in the Martial Arts.

Our Ninja Gym and Ninja MMA job training camps help people learn how to become a martial arts instructor. In addition to physical skills, you will also learn to lead classes or be a head coach in an area that you are passionate about. The goal being for Students to create a career based on their own needs and wants. This martial arts instructor program is for anyone that wants change in their mental leadership or physical martial art skills.

What Will You Learn?

  • Rick Tew’s Martial Arts System (Rick Tew Martial Science = RTMS)
  • How to teach martial arts
  • Learn by doing strategies
  • Opportunity to develop instructional skills
  • TIC TOC Management training
  • How to organize a learning course
  • Public Speaking
  • Leadership skills through application

What Type Of Martial Arts Instruction Is Provided?

This martial art instructor training program is focused on Intense Levels Training. It was created by Ninja Gym Master Instructor, Rick Tew. In the training, you will learn you all 5 ranking levels of our Ninja-MMA real martial art system. It also includes more than 18 specific lessons per level.

Most importantly we teach you the fastest way to become a martial arts instructor so you can get a Ninja-MMA job. You can also use the same skills in another area, teaching what you love. We place a lot of emphasis on the vocational aspect of martial arts and fitness. Rick Tew designed a program so you learn how to teach martial arts while mastering your Ninja-MMA skills.

What Is The Overall Goal Of The Program?

The NinjaGym course teaches you how to be a well-rounded martial artist and Ninja-MMA Instructor. Each day improves your skills in teaching while also being focused on a different area of martial arts. Similar to the way muscle confusion is used in fitness, we provide the mind and body new experiences. This is one way you can learn as fast as possible without being bored.

Students serious about vocational martial arts are expected to participate for 2 hours each day in the business. This is related to teaching martial arts, but it is also optional. This is done to provide hands-on experience with a learn-by-doing the martial arts business approach. This strategy ensures that you a well-educated skilled Martial Arts Instructor and a Manager of Martial Arts Business. All of our participants have the opportunity to be a martial art Assistant Instructor during the course of their training.

What Is Unique About Ninja MMA vs. MMA?

Ninja Gym programs and martial arts training are very different from the typical MMA job or Muay Thai school.  If you Google a list of these MMA training centers, you will see that they are often cookie-cutter copies of each other.  The photos will usually be an image of sweaty guys with no shirts, kicking and punching a bag.  They usually claim to have world champion Instructors (which is amazing how many world champions there are). One center in Singapore claims to have more than 40 World champions under one roof.  Those that do Muay Thai rarely last past their 20’s. Many students of these fighting sports develop arthritis in the ankles, knee injuries and other life-long pains.

We are NOT that type of MMA job training school.  That type is focused on the EGO and damaging the body or for training fighters. Many of these participants must take steroids to keep up with everyone else fighting for a belt. At Ninja Gym, we do teach you to punch, kick, grapple and fight, but we also teach you the Martial Science and Modern Ninjitsu for a fun traditional yet realistic martial arts (Ninja MMA) program.  You will learn like a scientist and fight like a Ninja.

What Type Of School Are We?

We help students learn to teach martial arts and get a Ninja-MMA Job that is fun so that they can do what they love without sacrificing their body.

Ninja MMA is a complete system so you can learn a real martial art. At the same time, you can learn how to get a job teaching martial arts around the world.  We are a complete training system that offers those that want to train with happy, health conscious, goal-oriented people.  If you only want to fight, punch a bag or damage your body then you can do that too. If you want to grow and face yourself in the mirror, then that is a choice only you can make.

Here are some ways to tell if you have some things in common with others on our program:

  • You want to teach martial arts or similar
  • It feels good when you are helping people grow
  • You like to share
  • The idea of learning new information is pleasing
  • You want a Ninja-MMA job
  • Travel is one of your goals
  • You are looking for a change in life
  • Health conscious living is important to you

If you resonate with some of the above, please consider our program and join now.

Why Should You Come?

Regardless of where you plan to devote your time or what vocation you choose, leadership skills are key.  This course will allow you to not only learn a fun and effective martial art system, but you will also gain the skills needed for applying the same tools in your own line of work.

Perhaps you desire to also teach the martial arts or fitness.  Maybe you want an edge in your area of expertise or a chance to test some of your skills in leadership, management or simply the chance to be a Student in general.

Why Should I Learn To Be A Martial Arts Instructor?

Students that complete the program can go on to teach martial arts for a living in their home country or get a Ninja-MMA job to help work with us in our locations.

For those looking to expand their training beyond martial arts instruction, we also offer martial arts business coaching for those looking to make NinjaGym business their vocation.

We teach students that have a desire to share, how to teach, how to lead, how to manage or how to coach. This is done so that they can be a Black Belt in what they love to do and by doing so, they can improve their lifestyle. We help people achieve more balance in mind, body, and spirit through a system of mental and physical martial arts.

It’s not just a martial arts education, you can use all of the skills (management, leadership, personal growth etc.) that you learn in this course and apply them to almost any area of your life.

If you love to teach martial arts to others, like helping people to grow, enjoy sharing information or love to travel and looking for a change in life, join us now.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Learn how to be an instructor of the Martial Arts
  • Get a job teaching Ninja-MMA (or something similar)
  • Develop a healthy fitness routine you can do anywhere,
  • Get a break from the 9-5 life (or circle of challenges you have now)
  • Take a vacation and learn a vocation
  • Simply to join a martial arts program
  • Get a life-changing experience at a fair price
  • Increase mental awareness and focus
  • Develop physical abilities
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Learn to share, teach and learn in a group setting
  • Sharpen skills needed for leadership
  • Real skills with a real application
  • Personal growth and training

Rick has been teaching and living the life of an Instructor, Coach, Mentor, and Speaker for more than 2 decades.  He has taught and built programs around the martial arts in Europe, the USA and ASIA.  He has a vast amount of experience teaching and creating programs for all areas of Instruction.   Mr. Tew can teach you what you need to know to do what you want to do because he has been there at some point in his martial arts career.  Here are a few of the options you might consider in your own vocation:

  • Teaching in a martial arts school as an Instructor
  • Running your own martial arts dojo or school
  • Operating a martial arts or fitness camp or retreat
  • Working as part of a team of Instructors
  • Leading workshops or seminars related to personal growth
  • Teaching private lessons
  • Working as a consultant for companies
  • Being an Instructor for private group events

What Is Unique About This Program?

This program allows you to speed up the educational process by following Rick Tew’s Winjitsu strategies for accelerated learning. This is accomplished by adhering to the following training strategies:

  • Learning the skills from an expert in their field
  • Mastering the skills through practice
  • Understanding the skills by sharing them with others
  • Remembering the skills by having properly timed reviews
  • Achieving excellence through disciplined perfection training with peers

What Is Included?

  • Training in the Martial Science
  • Reviews for progress and Levels Certification
  • Learning vital business skills
  • Two RTMS t-shirts/polo’s
  • Time to teach in order to improve your own skills as an Instructor

What Is Not Included?

  • Food
  • Training Gear
  • Guaranteed housing (we offer basic shared to good students)
  • Insurances
  • Transportation
  • Personal Expenses

What Are The Different Program Options?

Please be aware that the Base Program includes the opportunity to learn vital business skills for you as a future Martial Arts Instructor. This may include being active as an Assistant Instructor, doing various supportive tasks as taking videos and photos, helping Program Staff to ensure the operation runs smoothly and helping around the office. If you have specific business skills like web design, video editing, marketing, etc, please do let us know, we would be very happy to learn from you too.

What Are The Upgrade Options?

For this Program, we offer the following Upgrade Options. These Upgrades can be ordered from the Program Upgrades page.

  • Get even more out of your time with Master Instructor Rick Tew by signing up for a set of private lessons, or private life coaching sessions. Mr. Tew is a certified SI Coach by the Robbins Madanes Institute.
  • Take home your experiences in the form of a video and photo portfolio. Show off what you have learned to your friends & family and/or use it to practice the skills you have learned, once you are back home again.

What about Private Lessons?

If you want private martial arts instruction or private group training and focus, you are welcome to come almost any time. Just be sure to contact us to arrange a custom program. We usually require 2 months advance notice, so be sure to get into contact with us ASAP if you want to come sooner.

Our martial arts private instruction provides training from the Master Instructor Rick Tew (depending on availability). The schedule is 3-5 hours of focused mind or body training each day and weekends off. You can get more personal focus and attention in a private martial arts instructor setting.

Where Will You Train?

Long-term martial art camps and instructor training is available in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Mainly we operate in Thailand, Las Vegas, California, and Holland but as we travel quite often, it is best we arrange your starting point. As a Student, your training will primarily take place at our Intensive Martial Arts & Fitness Camp. As an Assistant Instructor, you will be active at both the Camp and at other programs.

Where Will You Stay?

You will stay at the Camp location in either a shared room or a private room. Housing is not part of your tuition fee but we do often provide a place to sleep to students that follow our strict rules.

 What Will You Eat?

As Food is not included in the Base Program, you are free to eat where and what you want. We often arrange group lunch and dinner for budget students as the norm but don’t include it as part of our tuition fee.

When Can You Come?

Once you have paid and sent in your paperwork, you have up to one year to begin your program at the next available phase worked out between you and the Master Instructor. So it is best to reserve your spot early so you can then attend when spots are available. You may leave and return to the program at a later date should you only be able to train a few weeks at a time. This is the typical pattern of most Students.


1 Week, 1 Month, 1 Year, Payment

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