Upgrades for Rick Tew’s Martial Art Camps and Tours


Looking to upgrade your martial arts, fitness or personal development program?  This purchase provides you with a number of add-ons to your base program.  You can purchase an add-on credit which is good towards your program.  Here is the current list of upgrades:

  • Private Martial Art Lessons 10x (1 hour each)
  • Private Life Coaching and Winjitsu 10x (1 hour each)
  • Video your training (videos and photos of your training)

If you would like twice the amount, then you can purchase the same upgrade twice.  For example, maybe you would like 20 hours of the private lesson upgrade instead of 10, then you would simply purchase it two times by simply increasing the quantity.

Upgrades and Add-ons are limited on all programs. Order early if you can, so we can prepare.

Contact us directly if you would like to purchase a custom upgrade.

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Private Martial Art or Instructor Lessons 10x (1 hour each)
Need some additional attention or focus on your training or development?  Often in a group class, there is limited time for focusing on your individual needs.  With private classes, you can focus on the skills you need to work on.

Private Life Coaching  with Winjitsu 10x (1 hour each)
If you have an interest in Winjitsu, BLAST training, Strategic Intervention or general discussion in the area of life then this upgrade will provide you with the time to focus on improving your mental skills.

Video your training (videos and photos of your training)
Would you like to have a collection of videos and photos from your training?  Maybe you would like to see how you have progressed or just have some memories of your time training.

Select the Upgrade You Desire

Private Lessons 10X, Winjitsu 10X, Video and Photos, Private Room, Training Package, Moped Arrangement

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